Three S’s: Sun, soil and seeds (and a storm called Katie)

I read this article about soil and it said that we know more about outer space than we do about the soil we all walk around on. And everywhere you look and read and listen its all about the soil, how well dug it is, manure, compost, clay, sand, pH raised beds or not. and it seems to be a bit of hit and miss what ever you do. Its making me a bit confused at the moment and I’m just glad that I managed to turn it over, it is bloody hard work but oh so satisfying when you are done.


first dig

I guess I was lucky when I got my allotment as the previous “owner” took good care of it and had put cover on it and had only just took it off before I came along which left me with a almost weed free patch. The soil is quite hard and seems to be clay, but it seperated fine as I raked it out after my first dig. Heading to the gardencenter to pick up som topsoil and will dig that in too just to loosen it up a bit more.


after raking

Seeds, seeds, seeds!! there is like a million different ones (obviously). I have no idea which variety is best here  or there I simply went for the ones that looked the best and said sure crop on. Not so sure that will be the best but as I said before: it will be hit and miss and failures along the way. I guess thats why sucess tastes so good.

The first seeds went in to propagation trays during the easter weekend: Warpath salad, Russian Giant sunflowers, thyme, dill to start with.DSC_0227

And I have some potatoes in the greenhouse just waiting to be put in the ground. I’ve just had a delivery of more trays to sow in and I’m expecting a delivery of seeds any day. Quite glad that I’m late sowing as the weather forcast is warning for frost at night.

The storm Katie passed by during the weekend  and caused some havoc. There was a lot of rain and vind but most damage seems to have been to trees and fences.

And yes today, on my day off the sun is shining!!!



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