I’m Helen and I’m a complete gardening novice. I have a family with 3 kids a partner who is a chef and I work full-time for NHS. I’ve had this romantic dream about being able to grow my own vegetables for me and my family for a long,long time and since a couple of weeks ago I (we) have the chance to do it as we manage to get to the top of the waiting list and got ourselves a 2.5 rod allotment.

I went down and just sat with a cup of coffee, looking at the plot and the huge greenhouse that is on our plot, elated by joy and a bit apprehensive about all the work ahead. I went home that afternoon and read and watched youtube clips until my eyes could not take it any more.

So I am going to try and keep a diary about my gardening and growing adventures.

Hopefully it will not all turn out to a muddy mess but turn out to be something to be proud of and for my family  to enjoy.